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Assoc. Prof. of Nuclear Chemistry, retired from the Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, ELTE

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Timeline of nuclear & particle science
with lots of links to great sites
Compiled for UNESCO-EOLSS
Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry


  • CSc/PhD chemistry, ELTE, 1996
  • Dr. Univ. chemistry, ELTE, 1975
  • MSc chemistry, ELTE, 1972
  • ~BSc applied mathematics, ELTE, 1979

Research Field

  • Various applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy (e.g. magnetic structure of alloys, high-temperature superconductors, minerals)


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Adjunct Associate Professor, Drexel University, Philadelphia, US, 1987-1989
  • Visiting Scientist, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, US, 1979-1980
  • Visiting Scientist at Lomonosov University, Moscow, URSSR, 1975

Teaching Experience

  • Physical and nuclear chemistry, Mössbauer spectroscopy, calculus, probability theory (ELTE)
  • General chemistry (Drexel University, Philadelphia)

Last responsibilities at ELTE (until 2012)

  • Member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science
  • Member of the Education Committee of the Institute of Chemistry
  • Supervisor of the integrated (5-year) Chemistry MSc Program for the Institute of Chemistry
  • Coordinator of the "Academic Track" of the (3-year) Chemistry BSc Program for the Institute of Chemistry
  • Lecturer in Nuclear Chemistry for the Institute of Chemistry

Honors & Awards

Handbook of Nuclear Chemistry, 2nd Editon, 2011

Receiving the Hevesy Award, Hungarian Science Festival 2010 József Solymosi, Founder of Somos Foundation József Pálinkás, President of HAS Yes, that's me! János Süli, Deputy Chief Executive, Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. Tamás Németh, General Secretary of HAS Hevesy Medal

HNC-2, Vol. 1/6

Informal Stuff


Born in the first half of the 20th Century, I have have never been able to accept (although have well realized) that future belongs to specialization. This explains that besides teaching and research I have also been engaged in other activities. I have written four books on bicycling and translated a number of novels and short stories (by Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Roald Dahl, Frederik Pohl, etc) as well as several non-fiction books from English to Hungarian. For a decade or so I spent considerable effort on coordinating things like chemistry teaching. I have also grabbed a couple of opportunities to co-edit/co-author books on nuclear chemistry—one for Plenum and another one for Kluwer/Springer. The 2nd editon of the latterHandbook of Nuclear Chemistrywas published early 2011. (See the cover of Vol. 1/6 below.) I have also contributed to the electronic encyclopedia UNESCO-EOLSS.

One of my pet projects (or PETh projects, as explained below) has been lately the developing of a Nuclear Glossary in Hungarian (NewClearGlossy). It is stuffed with animations and simulations mostly borrowed from other scientists and teachers all around the world. This project has given me a good feeling: not just because it has been fun to work on it, but also because I have experienced how helpful and unselfish people can be. Many scientists/teachers seem to be sometimes almost as grateful to me for asking permission from them to use the results of their hard work in order to spread knowledge as grateful I am to them for their kind help. I have been also building a collection of animations/simulations of wider scope that I call Asimov Téka in Hungarian (~Asimov Library). I would probaly call it Asimov MSc in English, meaning “Animations & simulations or: visualizing Maths & Science”. These kinds of activitiesquite unexpectedlybrought me an award that I recently won.

Besides my PETh projects—the acronym comes from psychology and refers to the mental state defined as “Patholigically Engrossed in Thinkering”—I have also spent considerable time and energy on the PhET project of the Univercity of Colorado translating the website and ~70% of their science simulations to Hungarian. My efforts have been kindly acknowledged (actually quite a bit exaggerated) by the PhET team. I would like to believe that my Letter of Reference that I had written for PhET helped it to become a Tech Award Laureate in 2011. They have well deserved it.

Actually, I also have some virtual pets. Being somewhat forgetful, I leave their feeding completely to visitors. However, from time to time, I count them (both the fish and the visitors). Due to the attention and the virtual fish food they get from considerate people like you, they are virtually all alive and seem to be as happy as a clam. Thank you.

You can Owlso  meet my artist friends. Further topics of possible interest are creative gardening and nature photography.

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