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Interactive Flash simulation on the correlation between two normally distributed random variables

The Flash below is from Author: Juha Puranen. English text:
Juha Puranen & George Michael Pearson. A magyar Magyar változat változat eléréséhez kattintson ide!

Note that this simulation assumes normally distributed variables. Therefore I suggest that you also visit this excellent page with an HTML 5 simulation on bivariate normal distribution. You don't need Java for that. You can find the mathematical definition of correlation in Wikipedia. You may also wish to visit a page of mine on which I explain how I use sometimes the simulation below embedded in a PowerPoint presentation to create a working definition iSpring favicon (or rather a notion) of correlation in the minds of high-school and BSc students.

📥Unfortunately, Flash applets are no more supported by browswers. However Flash simulations like this still can be used offline. All you need is the Flash Player projector flashplayer_32_sa.exe that can be downloaded from Adobe:

And, of course, you also need to download this zip file containing the swf file of the simulation itself and an xml file of the English translation of the original (Finnish) labels which you have to keep together with the swf in the same folder after unpacking. The simulation starts in its own window on double clicking on the swf file. If you don't want to handle zip files, you can download the swf file only but then the labels will be in Finnish.📥

Screenshot of the simulation

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