about the Hungarian mirror site of the original German one at
created by P. Krahmer

I did my best to contact P. Krahmer—or anybody else for that matter at the domain— but failed. My aim was to get permission from somebody there with competence to publish the Hungarian version of these great simulations/pages for the benefit of teachers and students at Hungarian high schools and colleges. My impression is now that the site has been abandoned for some time. Even though I have not been able to get formal approval, I have decided to translate it to Hungarian because I believe it would not be against the will of P. Krahmer who had spent so much energy and time to create it for the sake of his German visitors. I believe, he would most probably approve my decision if he learned about it.

In case anybody with right competence decides to order me to remove these pages from my site, I will do it naturally. Not happily, of course, but I will do it. However, I ask him/her to consider first that (similar to P. Krahmer) I am doing this for no selfish purpose and the pages can be accessed by anybody free of charge. Also, the users of these pages will only be Hungarian people (most likely students and teachers) because of the language which is spoken only by us. And, finally, due to the language barrier, the existence of the Hungarian mirror site is not likely to decrease the traffic at the original German site especially because each page of the mirror is linked to the original.

Thank you for your attention and understanding,

Sándor Nagy, a Hungarian teacher retired from Eötvös Loránd University

Budapest, October 1, 2012.