My kids say I'm asymmetric. They are wrong as usual.

My children say, I’m asymmetric, but I disagree.

Click on my picture to see what I mean.

Why, that’s me, of course, in my usual outfit consisting of a T-shirt and a pullover! Wearing a formal suit with tie makes me feel uncomfortable. My head kind of swells ready to burst in any moment as documented by the rollover image above that was taken just a few seconds before this unfortunate event occurred last time. By the way, this is not the explanation for the peculiar color of the background. Neither is it caused by an experiment turned disaster to prepare home-made tomato sauce. Nor is it the telltale sign of the early table manners of my kids. It is the intentional result of the efforts of my wife, Zsóka, who did her best to make the interior of our living room as closely similar to that of the Altamira Cave as is humanly possible by using some kind of iron oxide paint. However, in lack of a living mammoth model, she decided to be non-figurative. (My wife is a fan of cave dwellings in general. I am less so, because I think it is either difficult to push the bookcase against the wall, or the books will drop from the shelves.)
Careful inspection of my features also reveals a dramatic shift towards intellectuality owing to a pair of Italian-style glasses. I’m wearing these nowadays to upgrade my looks with considerable success.
With my glasses on I can also better distinguish my wife and children from the rest of the furniture at home.
There was also a period in my life when wearing goggles was a daily routine for me. They don't help you to look/see better at all, but they are great for general safety except, maybe, for sex.
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